• Our Institution Partnerships team is made up of industry experts passionate about international education with over 100 years of combined experience between them working in institutions
  • Relationships are the focal point of everything we do – our partners come first
  • Our global team means institutions get access to more resources, more agents, and more students – all through one point of contact

It’s our people who set us apart  

As a growing edtech marketplace with a team of 400+ across 17 source markets around the world, we’re no strangers to the challenges institutions face when recruiting international students. It’s why we’ve invested in assembling a world-class Institution Partnerships team to help universities, colleges, and schools connect with the right agents and students on our incredible marketplace. 

One powerful, global team on your side

Unlike other businesses in this space, our team includes a mix of highly experienced, ex-institution experts who have on average 20 years of sector experience each. In other words, we’ve been in your shoes and understand your perspective.

In this ever-evolving industry, understanding regional nuances is critical to putting the institution at the centre of everything we do, which is why we’ve adopted a territory-based approach to support our partners. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for Adventus.io partners on and off the marketplace, ultimately helping them solve their biggest challenges.

To do this, we have Patrick Whitfield, our Chief Commercial Officer, who has executive responsibility for institution partnerships, championing the voice and needs of institutions, influencing product and service design and overseeing global go-to-market strategy.

In the UK and Europe, we have Chris Price – Senior Vice President, Partnerships (UK & Europe), working alongside these talented Partnership team members:

Additionally, we’re fortunate enough to have Stephen Connelly – Senior Vice President, Partnerships (APAC), who oversees an incredible team of Partnership Directors, including: 

Riley Croft – Vice President, Partnerships (North America), gives us even more opportunities to help institutions navigate the changing landscape of international student recruitment using our innovative products and services. Alongside Riley, our North America team currently comprises:

“We have a few areas of focus. One is partner acquisition, to find in-demand partners in our source countries and build out the partnership profile in depth and breadth so our recruiter network can find students for these institutions,” Chris Price explains.

“Another important facet is client relationships – we invest time in strategising with their team to help them achieve their recruitment goals, as well as making sure they’re happy with the service we’re providing.”

“It’s our role to explain to partners how to make the most out of Adventus.io’s large audience in a strategic way,” Stephen Connelly offers. “And it’s a BIG audience – around 6,000 agents and more than 10,000 applications submitted to institutions globally since inception.”

We’ll be there with you, every step of the way

The global team works together to make sure that our institutional partners are not only happy with what they’re getting, but also that their marketing budgets are being put to good use. They’re supported by the newly created Partner Success team, led by Rory O’Toole, designed to work across all aspects of Adventus.io and ensure that our institutional partners are getting the best possible experience with us.

We’re thrilled to have these seasoned experts in our Institution Partnerships team and the benefits to this territory-based approach are far reaching – here’s just a few reasons why we’re excited for 2022 and beyond.

A single point of contact

When an institution joins Adventus.io, they’ll now have one point of contact. This remove any confusion about who to turn to when it’s time to celebrate a win or troubleshoot an issue. With a team of dedicated Partnership Directors around the world, there’s a friendly face on the other side of every phone call or email, ready to do what it takes. 

“I spent a lot of time in Canada developing our institution network myself,” Chris Price recalls, “but since Kevin and Victoria joined us, they’ve been able to add value for our partners very quickly. They’re doing a fantastic job.”

Supporting institutions to optimise their presence on the marketplace

Adventus.io now has industry experts on the ground in all major study countries, allowing us to develop meaningful relationships with the world’s leading institutions.

The Adventus.io marketplace also provides real-time reporting on the student recruitment funnel, revealing metrics such as views, shortlists, applications and conversions, meaning our partners can analyse their performance and plan ahead, giving institutions control over how they are presented. 

Greater presence around the world

The value of in-person connection will still continue to be an important part of international student recruitment. Now that our Institution Partnerships team has a foot in the major education destination markets globally, there’s more opportunity or Adventus.io to support our partners with a local presence. 

Tighter budgets and other resourcing constraints mean that institutions will be less able to send student recruitment teams overseas to meet with agents and students. Partnering with Adventus.io means institutions can augment their recruiting strategies with one large global partner in a marketplace that operates and adds value 24/7 around the world, extending institution reach virtually.

Be visible and expand your network with Adventus.io 

The time is now to partner with Adventus.io as our global network expands at an exponential rate. We’re on the ground across South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia and the Middle East – soon to open in Latin America and Africa, with more than 6,000 recruitment agents accessing over 80,000 courses.

Request a demo from our team today. 

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