The future of student transparency
After years of development, visiting all corners of the globe and attracting some of the most talented people from around the world to join the team, Adventus Education through its technology company, is revolutionizing international student recruitment through our platform, Adventus Connect.

Adventus Connect empowers counselors by revolutionizing the student's enrolment process through technology that creates equality for students, transparency for universities and ultimately economic benefits for communities, with increased skilled workforces.
Adventus Connect Platform
Adventus Education was founded with a mission to help people
discover a better life through the power of education.
Sourcing the right education option and applying for University courses is complicated, and we've worked hard to make it simple.

We've done the research, worked with institutions, studied counsellors and tirelessly worked through the student's requirements to champion genuine change and create a sustainable and trustworthy model for all stakeholders involved in international student recruitment.
No longer will people select education from limited information and compromised ethics, but instead will be guided by what is the best course that meets the students' needs for the future, with complete transparency and trust behind the available options.

Representing more than 400 high quality, top ranking and flexible education providers from around the world, Adventus is becoming a leader in international student placement services in Asia through our intelligent platform that is changing international student recruitment forever.
International student growth.
Verified, diversified & simplified.
Our senior team
We bring together brilliant, customer-focused leaders in education
and technology committed to the success of our partners.
Board of Directors
Richard Forbes
Karan Khemka
Tony Cullen
Ryan Trainor
Victor Rajeevan
Leadership Team
Ryan Trainor
Chief Executive Officer
Victor Rajeevan
Lincoln Trainor
Chief Operations Officer
Richard Uren
Chief Technology Officer
Chris Price
Vice President Global Partnerships
Rob Gashi
Strategy Consultant
David Ter
Group Finance Manager
Chris Grannell
Chief Product Officer
Pamela Reddi Coronell
Head of Marketing
Khirralee Keher
Head of Platform Support
Tanika Perera
Head of Global Admissions
Katrina Teisini
Head of Data Entry
Satish Bisht
Regional Director - India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh
Azad Ziyard
Senior Project Manager
- Platform
Sharmain Warnakula
Country Manager – Sri Lanka
Our values
Be human
It is simple; treat people like you would like to be treated. At the heart of what we do is to support the individual's commitment in life to learn. This means Adventus supports people to achieve their goals and dreams. This extends to our team, as we are all in this together. Our focus remains on a culture of integrity, support, and, honesty in every interaction.
Radical openness
It is important that we are open how the business functions and support open dialogue with our students and team on any topic. When there is complete transparency, coupled with good intention, people can feel safe and empowered to share innovative ideas, provide valuable feedback, and build lasting mutual trust.
Unleash potential
As the world evolves, we must continue to innovate, creating new possibilities for the students of tomorrow. The only way to achieve this is by committing to our team and supporting them realize their full potential to ensure their unique talent helps drive our Adventus mission.
Challenge the status quo
We know we can't progress without pushing the boundaries. We know that all ground-breaking ideas are disruptive and challenge the status quo. We celebrate original thinking, and we are comfortable working in a space that's a little unorthodox, unconventional and often slightly off center. After all, that's the place where brilliance happens.
Join our team
At Adventus, we are always looking for talented people to join our global team. We are now operating in six countries and rapidly expanding across the globe.