COVID-19 is affecting the education sector more than most. For many students, the pandemic means changing study destinations, learning remotely, or deferring education altogether. It’s a time of uncertainty and makes decision-making for recruitment agents and students challenging. 

Fortunately, there’s hope. With the global vaccine roll-out, there’s pent-up-demand and excitement for the return of international education. Many countries are gradually opening their borders and welcoming students from abroad. 

But keeping abreast of the latest information can still be challenging. With all this uncertainty, we’re simplifying the process for our customers and beyond. 

Making the complex simple

Information around COVID-19 is generally scattered. And with border restrictions continually changing, it’s hard for agents and students to stay on top of the latest news. We also know that accessing information via news outlets, government websites, and university pages takes time. 

Our goal is to make your life easier. That’s why we’re investing in tools designed to make complex tasks simpler, addresses the current uncertainty around international borders and gives clarity to a confusing space.

We’re investing in tools designed to make complex tasks simpler, and gives clarity to a confusing space.

Enter COVID Compass. COVID Compass is an interactive tool that pulls together the latest international education information, and places it all in one accessible place. It allows anyone to see the current COVID-safe countries, and stay up to date with protocols and restrictions in major destinations. 

With conflicting information online, it’s hard to know what to trust. That’s why we ensure our information is up-to-date and obtained from reliable sources. The dedicated COVID Compass landing page is regularly updated to ensure you have the latest news and insights. 

In uncertain times, we think COVID Compass will save a lot of unnecessary headaches. 

Interactive, easy, and up-to-date 

The Compass includes an interactive map with our major study destinations––including the USA, Canada, Germany, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand––highlighted. This makes it simple for agents and students to assess their options in one go.

It also includes a range of other helpful information like processing dates, intakes, visa information, and available institutions. We’re also highlighting some of our 1,100+ institutions with click-throughs to summaries, statistics, and rankings to help show you just some of our institution partners. 

Access for everyone 

With global uncertainty, our aim is to make the complex simple for everyone in the education sector. We know that everyone is currently looking for clarity, and we built the tool with this in mind.

That’s why the COVID Compass tool isn’t just open to students and agents, but everyone who wants up-to-date information. That means, everyone can access our simple, easy-to-use tool to gain the latest information in one glance. 

It can be bookmarked, shared with others, and continually used as a reliable up-to-date resource at

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