Counsellors are the essential link in international recruitment. This is why we’re always thinking of ways to make your role easier. 

As a counsellor, you play a crucial role in finding new students and matching them to the right courses. But, to keep an education agency thriving––especially in this climate––continually finding new students is key. Our latest innovation helps you do just that. 

Enter Facebook Lead Integration, a tool that streamlines Facebook ad management and makes finding new students a breeze. It means less time spent on menial tasks and more time connecting with new students in the simplest ways possible.

Managing new leads just got simpler 

With the pandemic slowdown in international education, it’s no secret that making connections with new students is more important than ever. 

Running ad campaigns within Facebook can be a great way to find those students. But, while campaigns can prove fruitful, the resulting data managing process can be complex. 

Until now, the traditional process has been that, once potential students click on your ads and enter their details: it’s up to you to manage that information. For counsellors, manually processing data with spreadsheets, or even retyping student details individually, can be very time-consuming. Not-to-mention staying on top of that information is confusing. 

Our new integration makes the complex simple. 

How does it work? 

With Facebook Lead Integration we do the work, so you don’t have to. Now, there’s no more operating in silos. 

When you create ads on your Facebook business page, you can integrate with Even better: there’s no waiting around. As soon as a potential student submits information on a Facebook ad, their details are immediately captured and delivered to your account. And, since the entry fields are automatically populated, you’ll receive accurate information instantly. 

New students are organised, all without any extra effort on your part. 

Following up with students in a timely way, managing data entries, and keeping student details in one streamlined environment has never been so easy. And, for the student’s peace of mind, the collection of student data is completely private. We have no visibility of the student’s details or contact information until you submit an application.

How can I get started?

Facebook Lead Integration is open to all of our customers, and, for your convenience, can be switched on or off. 

Now you can do away with unnecessary manual processes and focus on making those all-important connections. It’s all in line with our goal to make the complex simple so that you have more time to do what you do best: assist students. 

To get started, talk to one of our support team members today.

We’ve also created an easy 10-step guide to creating Facebook adverts.

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