• After working in sales and digital marketing, Abbey made the switch to working directly with agents in international student recruitment and hasn’t looked back. 
  • The US market is massive and with Abbey on the ground, our institution partners now have a local point of contact.
  • It’s crucial that institutions adopt a digital recruitment strategy in a post-COVID world to supplement travel and boost their reach.

The Adventus.io institution team is thrilled to welcome Abbey Briggs into the role of Partnership Director, USA. 

With extensive experience in both sales and digital marketing, specifically for international student recruitment, Abbey is the first US-based team member who’s ready to help our institution partners make the most of the Adventus.io marketplace.

Can you share a little background on your career so far and how you came to join Adventus.io? 

I graduated from the University of Delaware as a hospitality major. I realised pretty quickly that the area of hospitality that I loved the most was working with people and building strong relationships. After working at a few tech companies in Boston, I joined Hotcourses Abroad where I focused on digital marketing for international student recruitment. 

While I was there, IDP acquired the business. During the transition, my role changed from solely working with our digital marketing platform to walking into the world of agents, the other side of the coin. It was a really exciting change because I was working with both existing and new IDP partners, as well as the digital marketing piece.  When Adventus.io reached out to me to find out if I was interested in exploring this opportunity, I was thrilled to come on board!

What’s different or the same about your new role, compared to your past experience?

It’s interesting – both the Adventus.io model and what I was doing prior had an option for partners to join at no cost, essentially, so there’s no risk. We would pay on the back end of what’s delivered aka how many students enroll. Both in my last role and in this new one my job has been about showing partners that there’s so much more that we can do together. 

Rather than being a passive partner relying on students and agents knowing your institution’s brand and hoping we’ll deliver for you, there’s a lot we can proactively do to help you stand out and differentiate yourself. Agents don’t necessarily know the unique selling points of your institution. But you can enhance that performance by investing upfront to get yourself more visibility and get more agents placing students because once they place one or two, they’re likely to place more.

I would imagine, especially with COVID and the way things have been changing, that’s more important than ever?

Travel has been the focus for institutions’ recruitment efforts, and since they haven’t been able to get out on the road, they’ve realised that [by working with Adventus.io] they can actually reach a good number of students without having to leave the country. It’s a comparatively small investment, too. 

Travel can get so expensive when you add up flights, hotels, food, transportation and you’re only on the ground for a short period of time. I certainly don’t think we’re going to see institutions stop traveling, but I think it’s shown how important it is to have a multi-pronged approach and Adventus.io can certainly help.

What are you most excited about with your role and what you can do for Adventus.io partner institutions?

The most exciting thing for me is that the US is kind of a clean slate because we haven’t had a team here. While we already have a large portfolio of partners thanks to the amazing work of Chris Price, SVP Partnerships – UK/Europe, he’s only one person he’s based in the UK, so it’s a lot to juggle all that at once. 

I’m excited to set the scene and deliver the experience that these clients are looking for. I think it’s so important for us to understand what drives them, what their strategic goals are, and how they’re looking to recruit. How can we be on the same team working towards the same goals and really make them feel like we’re an extension of their recruitment office? 

For you personally, what’s the most rewarding part of doing this work?

I have a few things. What I really enjoy about this type of role and working for a company like Adventus.io is that we’re really getting to support the entire international student recruitment ecosystem. We’re helping the students pursue their dreams of studying internationally, recruiters become better counselors and institutions achieve their enrollment goals. It’s not a one-sided business. But rather, we’re able to reach so many different audiences at the same time to really improve outcomes for everyone.

As we tap into the US market further, we’re going to learn more ways to serve the US because we’re quite different over here. From how we talk about student applications to different institutions, to how we deliver within our marketplace – and whether or not it has everything our US partners need/want – because US education is different than in other countries. It’s my focus and goal to make sure that we’re able to serve each market in the most effective way possible and see success across the board!

Connect directly with Abbey on LinkedIn, or reach out to our Partnerships team to learn more about how your institution can leverage the Adventus.io marketplace.

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