• Riley spent a decade in exciting SaaS technology businesses in the USA.
  • Part of the growth journey of Lucid, a pioneer in the Research Technology (ResTech) category that transformed the global market research industry.
  • Riley has built a career out of harnessing technology to transform and affect positive social change in the world.

Residing in ‘The Big Easy’ New Orleans, Louisiana, Riley Croft joins us from Lucid, an online marketplace connecting organisations with survey-takers to generate valuable market insights. With a decade of broad experience across the tech sector, from a leading B2B marketplace supporting the market research industry to a SaaS startup, Riley has seen it all.

Riley’s journey is rooted in creating meaningful change through technology, so we’re thrilled to have him on board to support our mission to help our institutions and recruiters succeed. Now with us at Adventus.io, he is enthusiastic about delivering solutions that change the way institutions connect with recruiters.

Tell us a bit about your background and how you’ve ended up here at Adventus.io?

I worked for five years with Good Done Great, a small tech startup selling Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) SaaS to the world’s largest employers. It was here I discovered that the power of technology could be a force for good. 

I spent the last five years with Lucid, a marketplace platform that transformed the global market research industry and pioneered the Research Technology (ResTech) category.

Here I scaled the supply-side of a B2B marketplace platform and I fell in love with the open and transparent nature of the marketplace model. Adventus.io combines what I loved most at Good Done Great and Lucid.

What have been some of the greatest career highlights you’ve experienced in the last decade?

At Good Done Great, I learned there’s a lot technology can do to really transform and affect positive social change in the world.

I had the opportunity to secure partnerships with really big companies like PwC, Nike, Ecolab, and Toyota. We provided the technology and services to administer bespoke global employee engagement programs, and I’m particularly proud of the hyper-local impact our partners were able to create across vast multinational enterprises.

During this time, I also earned an M.B.A. from the Moore School at the University of South Carolina with a concentration in international business. This more universal view of business served me well when I transitioned to my role with Lucid. 

The scale and transparency of the Lucid marketplace empowered our partners to use data smartly. Unlocking insights more efficiently and with higher quality than traditional channels.

So now you’re with us here at Adventus.io, what stands out most about the company?

It’s a family and the people are smart, driven, and most importantly passionate about international education. 

I remember Ryan Trainor (CEO & Co-Founder) and Patrick Whitfield (Chief Commercial Officer) taking me through the company’s framework and I knew instantly that Adventus.io was a marketplace model out there changing the world for good. 

Everything I have worked on for the past ten years was going to be combined in this role. I was thrilled because Adventus.io is at the same stage Lucid was five years ago when I joined them — ready to make waves with its radically transparent marketplace platform.

Ryan really solidified my decision to join Adventus.io — he showed me how impactful the concept is and the value Adventus.io adds to the education sector globally. Knowing this, I want to bring in the power of scale that the model affords, and help the partnerships team in North America instill trust through it — it’s like they say, a rising tide lifts all boats

Now you’re with us at Adventus.io, can you share some of the top priorities you’ll be focusing on?

So, one of the biggest things that I’m eager to work on is building out our Adventus Drive offering so we can empower institutions to have more control over their student pipeline. For the coming months, my focus will be on improving how we deliver the Drive products to institutions.

As I said, it’s giving equal access to both sides — institutions and recruiters — and placing trust through a radically transparent marketplace model that I’m passionate about. And since I get to help shape a growing marketplace that’s doing good in the world, I’m all in.

Connect directly with Riley on LinkedIn or reach out to our Partnerships team to learn more about how your institution can unlock potential in your student pipeline with the Adventus.io marketplace.

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