Connecting partners to
Universities, globally.
A platform that revolutionizes the student's
enrolment and selection process
Enabling Academic Freedom of Choice
We believe all students should have the right to access Universities that best suit their personal goals, not what is simply available.
For our partners, that means Adventus Connect is one platform - multiple Universities, thus expanding your University portfolio by unlocking options for future students to study in Europe, USA, Canada, and other destinations, providing Academic Freedom of choice by revolutionizing how students select and enrol to Universities.
An intelligent platform for our partners
Your student's future starts with the Adventus platform
Access to a growing network of 400 universities and higher education institutions globally.
Instant information about application requirements through the Adventus Connect intelligent platform.
Application to multiple Universities in multiple destinations with one click.
Experienced Admissions Teams guiding you and your students every step of the way through the application process.
Adventus Admissions Team communicate with the Universities for you to ensure the quality of your students' applications and faster turnaround time.
Experienced Adventus Support Teams, helping you and your students with the choice of destination, university, course, admissions process, visa counseling, pre-arrival process and much more.
Access information online about the university, ranking, location, and other important details all in one place - no need for counselors to remember everything.
Tangible economic benefits for partners as guaranteed remuneration for all successful enrolments.
Allowing our partners to work smarter
All university information online
Full in-country support
Scholarships for international students
Follow application status online
Access information online about the University, ranking, location and other important details all in one place. No need for counselors to remember everything.
A True Partnership
Adventus Connect and our experienced team will also assist you:
Helping students choose the right
course/university and destination
Verifying financial
Screening and verifying
academic credentials
Support for pre-screening
& visa process
Checking students'
Providing all necessary
pre-departure information
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