Adventus Connect platform
International student growth. Verified, diversified and simplified. Connecting Universities to the Adventus global recruitment network.
Recruitment partners
Enabling access to over 400 Universities and 80,000 courses through a unified customer experience.
The future of student recruitment
Led by some of the most experienced professionals in the student recruitment industry and powered by a cloud-based intelligent platform, Adventus Connect is offered as a Platform as a Service (PaaS), connecting universities to students who are seeking to make international study decisions.
Adventus benefits Universities by providing an end to end solution of the entire recruitment and enrolment process of sourcing students, ensuring quality assurance measures are met and placement in targeted courses are achieved.
Adventus benefits Recruitment Partners by enabling access to world class Universities through a platform that offers a unified customer experience, revolutionizing the student's selection and enrolment process.
Adventus benefits Students by creating academic freedom of choice without the limitation of information, bias or access, allowing students to achieve their fullest potential by focusing on study, not the maze behind it.
Adventus Connect can provide an
end to end solution for partners
An intelligent platform
Streamlining university selection
Unlocking the power of global education
No limits to counseling
A smarter way to work
Quality assurance
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