International student growth.
Verified, diversified & simplified.
International Student Recruitment 2.0.
Powered by world leading technology.
Adventus Connect is an intelligent recruitment and enrolment platform connecting Universities to students who are seeking to study abroad.
We offer flexible partnership models
Student Placement or Strategic Fulfilment
We Offer Flexible Partnership Models
Trusted partner to achieve
your student growth aspirations
1. Student Recruitment
Adventus, powered by world leading technology represents more than 400 Higher Education Institutions across Asia and other target regions through a traditional recruiter arrangement.
2. Strategic Fulfilment
Universities partners can engage with the Adventus Connect platform to seek strategic fulfillment of courses based on selected criteria, including student numbers and cohort diversity for your student population. Through the global recruitment network, Adventus Connect can source students, quality assure, verify, and place in University programs seamlessly and efficiently.
Adventus Connect helps Universities 
meet their objectives
Intelligent Platform
A platform the revolutionizes the student's enrolment, selection, and admission process.
Global Access
Connecting global student demand to Universities.
Enabling growth into new markets for Universities.
Global Compliance
Global offices focussed on enhanced quality assurance, compliance, and verification.
Industry Experience
We brought together brilliant, customer-focused long-standing leaders in education and technology committed to the success of our partners.
Adventus continues to be on the cutting edge of AI, digital, and propriety algorithms to assist partners to continue to innovate and achieve their global student growth aspirations.
Market Insights
Gain market insights, both macro and micro, that support intelligence around your Universities brand and penetration that can assist and shape multiple areas of your University offering.
Flexible Solutions
From standard 'Recruitment Service' to deep 'Strategic Fulfilment' partnerships that ensure full end to end fulfilment and placement from targeted regions, delivering diversity of student cohorts for University partners.
Quality Assurance - Foundation of Trust
Adventus has created independent in-country compliance centers that focuses independently on quality assurance measures and verification, powered by world-leading technology, supported by industry veterans.

Our Compliance and Visa Center's have been established to independently benchmark best practice in the industry, ensuring compliance and verification remains paramount for our Institutional partners.

Led by technology, the advancement of AI and industry experts, our dedicated and independent division ensures application integrity.
All students have been processed to ensure:
The right course, University and destination have been chosen
Verified academic and literacy credentials
The viability of the study plan
Financial due diligence
Visa compliance
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