Education agents play a crucial role in international education. Yet, it’s no secret that you lose income to the middlemen when they work with master agents and agent aggregators. In the traditional sub-agent model, agents only receive 70-80% of their commission from institutions. 

With, it’s different. 

We believe hardworking agents should be fairly rewarded for their efforts. Through bonuses, promotions, and fair commissions we’re empowering them to unlock their full earning potential.

1. 100% commission

At, we’re committed to making our customer’s lives easier while improving their earning potential. That’s why we pass on 100% of institution commission to agents on our Growth, Power, and Enterprise plans.

After all, losing 20-30% of your commission can make a big difference to your bottom line.

For example, an agent placing 30 students in the USA through the traditional master agent would receive $67,200 in commissions. But, placing those same students in the USA with results in $96,000 in commissions. That’s all without any additional effort or knowledge. 

Isuru Kumarasingha of Achieve International Education finds partnering with positive for business. 

“The advanced system [ has] makes the application process, application tracking, and student and institution management work seamlessly together,” he said. “With the option to claim 100% commission as an agent, what more do you ask for?”

Placing students in the USA through could see counsellors receive $96,000 in commissions, compared to $67,200 through a traditional master agent.

2. Commission Directory

You’ve probably wondered what institutions across the world pay their agent partners. Most master agents and agent aggregators keep this a secret, so agents are never sure what commission earnings they’re entitled to for a successful placement.

We’re dedicated to providing our customers with full transparency – it’s one of our core company values. So, as an admin partner, you’ll receive access to our commission directory. 

Our Commission Directory is a database of our world-class partner institutions. Within the directory, we list the exact commissions different institutions offer for successful student placements.

Now there’s no wondering when it comes to forecasting your earnings.

3. Exclusive promotions

We’re always looking for ways to bolster our customer’s income. Many of our recruiter customers are small-to-medium education agents who have been severely impacted by COVID. Our exclusive promotional offers are an opportunity to do just that. 

As an customer, you’ll receive access to the Promotions Hub––which conveniently houses all promotions in one place. This month, for example, we’re waiving application fees for the first 1,000 applications. 

Within the hub, you’re able to easily sort through our promotions by destination and eligibility. That way you never miss out on our latest offers. Stay up-to-date by logging in to the Promotions Hub.

4. Institution volume bonuses

In addition to our promotions, our customers can also unlock incentives offered by institutions for lodging multiple student applications. It’s another way to boost your income on the marketplace.

For example, in May we ran an offer where every five applicants to a UK institution earned our customers an additional US$100—with no limit on the earning potential.

We offer these opportunities regularly to celebrate your efforts and help you keep growing your business.

Student applications through enjoy a 90% offer and visa acceptance rate.

5. Comprehensive application support & 24 hr lodgement

When it comes to student applications, we do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Our application support process supports our agent customers with visa checks, application checks, and financial checks.

Once we’ve helped you put together the best application for your student to get an offer, we guarantee application lodgement to the institution within 24 hours—with 80% processed in just three hours. With us, there’s no missing out on offers, or losing students due to slow turnaround times. 

The result? Applications through the marketplace achieve a 90% application-to-offer rate and a 90% visa acceptance rate. 

For Suneetha Kadiyala of Study Guide Overseas, partnering with has meant gaining support when she needs it most.

“I knew partnering with would be important for my success. That’s why I spent my first day in business partnering with the company. It makes my job so much easier. The team is extraordinary. They normally process applications within a day and make things fast and easy,” she said. 

For our counsellors, we’re offering unrivalled commission power, all without any extra effort. Are you ready to unlock more earning power? Try our commission calculator today to see how you can boost your earnings.

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