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Take the pressure off your admissions team

Don’t waste any more time on incomplete or fraudulent applications. We deliver the most rigorous quality and compliance checks in the industry.

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Internationally recognised accreditations and partner associations


Always Qualified,
A-grade applicants

Our Quality Compliance and Visa (QCV) team conducts in-depth checks on all visa and course applications before they’re sent to you.

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We're absolutely obsessed with quality

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Our institution partners get immediate results

"What's been really encouraging to see is the rate of applications to offers. The team at Adventus.io understand our entry requirements and as a result we've received quality applications."

- Student Recruitment Manager, University of Dundee, UK

"A big advantage of working with Adventus.io is the in-house quality assurance teams who triple-check all applications. The rigorous process includes reference checks, financial checks and visa checks."

- De Montfort University, UK

“We only had about six Sri Lankan students when I started working with Adventus.io and we’ve got more than 10x than that right now.”


An experience your future students can trust

Give them a seamless experience before they even get to campus.

Remove bias

Students work with vetted agents with unparalleled access.

No additional fees

We don’t charge students any direct fees.

Relevant options

We predictively match students with suitable options for them.

Eliminate ambiguity

Always know the status of each application.

Our Institution partners get immediate results

“It’s impossible for me to go anywhere right now. I can’t go and meet anybody to build relationships. Being able to reach recruiters when I wouldn’t otherwise be able to, is what’s most beneficial. It’s priceless.”

– Head of Admissions, University of Toledo, USA


Your questions answered

Our Partnerships team comprise of seasoned industry experts who have over 10 years of international education experience on average. Having held roles  at notable universities, they have been in your shoes and understand the challenges in international recruitment and admissions.

We also have an in-house quality assurance team to ensure only quality applicants reach you. We perform robust candidate, financial and reference checks to save you valuable time and repetitive admin.

Finally, we pass on 100% commission to recruiter agents meaning we remove bias from the equation. We genuinely care about the success of students and want to see them thrive by matching them to the right course every time. This means less turnover and churn for you.

It’s free to become a partner at Adventus! Course listing, quality assurance and access to recruiter agents around the globe is free as a partner.

If you want more influence and control over your student pipeline, you can consider our Adventus Drive membership. Click here to request a demo.

We currently process over 7,000+ applications per month. Don’t miss out on receiving quality applications around the globe and partner with us today!
We have over 1,500+ institutions already on our marketplace getting quality students from around the globe. See the full list of institution partners here.  Don’t miss out and partner with us today.

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