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Transforming how the world accesses international education

Our mission

Helping students make confident study decisions through a trusted marketplace that connects the world’s institutions, recruiters & service providers.

Every year, 1,000,000+ students worldwide leave their homes behind to leap into the unknown. Often making one of the most important and expensive decisions of their lives.

We’re using intelligent technology to make sure they can make that decision with confidence, through a trusted marketplace.


A new vision for the future was born in 2018 when our founding team identified a fundamental problem in the international study market. 

There is no efficient, reliable way for institutions, recruiters, and students to find and transact with each other.


Facing significant growth over the next decade, this is a billion-dollar sector built on infrastructure that has surpassed its ability to serve them effectively.

In an era of one-click everything, one of the biggest macro industries in the world still feels analog. 

This sent us on a journey to build a new marketplace, fit-for-purpose. Using technology as the engine for change.

To remove barriers, uncertainty, and bias. Create reliable channels into leading and emerging markets. And open pathways everyone can trust will guide them in the right direction. 

Helping the market raise the bar for what’s possible


Our values

Do the best work of your life.

We have each other’s back and we celebrate the wins.

Do what you say – whatever it takes.

Treat people with humility and respect.

Be honest, direct with good intent.

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Be part of our story


Global team, one mission

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team members

2018 founded

14 Offices

Australia | UK | India | Sri Lanka | Nepal | Vietnam | Pakistan | Bangladesh | Singapore

Richard Forbes

Karan Khemka

Tony Cullen

Victor Rajeevan

Ryan Trainor

Ryan Trainor

CEO & Co-founder

Victor Rajeevan

President & Co-founder

Lincoln Trainor

COO & Co-founder

Richard Uren

CTO & Co-founder

Chris Grannell

Chief Product Officer

Chris Price

VP Global Partnerships

David Ter

Global Finance Manager

Rob Gashi

VP Strategy

Pamela Reddi Coronell

Head of Marketing

Khirralee Keher

Head of Product Support & Training

Tanika Perera

Head of Global Admissions

Samantha Bell

Head of Global Projects

Katrina Teisini

Head of Data Entry

Satish Bisht

Regional Director – South Asia

Kevin Tang

Regional Director – South East Asia

Ruwani Bandaranayake

Head of Sales – Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives

Tarun Sharma

Head of Operations – South Asia

Sharmain Warnakula

Head of Operations – Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives



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We’re on a mission to transform international student recruitment forever. If you’re the kind of person who gets excited about audacious goals and fast-paced environments, we’d love to talk to you.

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