Selecting the right course and institution is challenging. For some students, the first choice isn’t the right one. In fact, within their first 60 days, one in six international students either drop out or transfer school. And when those students want to make course changes, they’re often left to find an onshore counsellor from scratch. 

While some education counsellors offer an onshore office to provide students with additional support, that’s out of reach for most small to medium-sized recruitment agencies. 

At, we’re levelling the playing field. Our Starter and Growth users can now continue advising onshore students in some of our leading study destinations. That’s all without ever having to set up a local office. 

Here’s what you need to know: 

1. What is Onshore Recruitment?

Once students reach their study destination, they often need help making study changes. Having already built a relationship with the student, counsellors are in the best position to continue advising and assisting. But, without a local license, this wasn’t previously possible for everyone. 

Customers on our Starter and Growth users can now continue advising onshore students in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Now all of our counsellors can continue helping students with course and institution changes once students land onshore. That’s in three of our leading study destinations: Canada, Australia, and the UK. 

Not just that, you can even recruit new international students studying abroad. This means a recruiter in India can now onboard new students in the UK remotely, without actually having to open a physical UK branch.

2. Shorter turnaround time to receive offers

At, we’re committed to being the fastest in the industry. We guarantee lodgement of all completed applications in under 24 hours––with 80% of applications being processed in under three hours.

With Onshore Recruitment, turnaround times are even shorter. That’s because, while typical recruitment involves both visa and institution applications, international students studying onshore have already completed immigration procedures. 

To make study changes, onshore students need only complete an application for the new course or institution. With our speedy processing, you can rest assured your students will get that offer on time.

3. Creating opportunities in the pandemic

It’s no secret––the pandemic is causing widespread issues in international education. Border closures and quarantine mandates mean limited opportunities. And for countries like Australia, recruiting students is near impossible. With Onshore Recruitment, we’re helping you create opportunities in a challenging environment. 

Recruiting onshore means keeping your existing students while having the ability to onboard new students in Australia, the UK, and Canada. Not just that, counsellors can assist international students regardless of the student’s nationality. So, for example, a counsellor based in India can now assist a Chinese student based in Australia with a course change. In difficult times, we think this is a welcome development.

4. Unlocking earning potential

Internationally, there’s plenty of untapped potential. Private colleges often pay local education agents to recruit international students within their country––students that could be better supported by you. Having already built strong relationships with students, you’re the best person to continue advising and counselling. 

In line with our goal of helping you grow your business, we’re helping you to make the most of these opportunities. With Onshore Recruitment you’re able to offer students additional support all while boosting your earnings.

5. It’s a better value proposition for your business

Studying internationally is one of the biggest decisions a person will ever make. Not to mention, it’s a huge financial investment. For students and parents, there’s natural apprehension around making the right choice. 

Being able to offer students end-to-end service, from the initial counselling all the way to onshore course changes, expands your service offering. And it helps bring peace of mind for students (and their families) knowing they’ll always have your support during every step of their journey. For students, you’re giving them true flexibility to change their mind, ultimately making you an attractive choice as a counsellor.

6. Access to onshore-only options 

Being onshore can be a huge advantage. At some institutions, for example, scholarship offerings are only available to onshore students. Depending on the student’s study duration, some may even be eligible to waive IELTS requirements. But those opportunities are lost to students who don’t know how to access them. 

Now counsellors can help students unlock the best onshore opportunities to get them to the right courses. 

7. Finding onshore options is easy with 

Our goal is to make your job easier. That’s why Onshore Recruitment is simple, streamlined and available to all of our counsellors. Importantly, no additional knowledge is needed on your part to use the feature.

Finding onshore opportunities is as easy as entering a ‘country of residence’ on a student profile to quickly create a relevant shortlist for students. That data can even be stored and reused next time making your job even easier. 

No additional knowledge is needed on your part to advise onshore students. It’s simple and streamlined.

We’re keeping your workflow simple to ensure you’re spending less time getting up to speed with applications, and more time focused on getting students to the right courses.  

8. Our world-class portfolio is ever-evolving 

With 1,200+ global institution partners, we offer counsellors and students unparalleled options. And our world-class portfolio is ever-evolving. Thanks to our dedicated team, we’re onboarding at least one new institution every single day and our course offerings are increasing month on month.

With the ability to recruit onshore, access to institutions in three of our leading destinations––Australia, the UK, and Canada––is even better than before. 

We know there are plenty of uncertainties at the moment, but Onshore Recruitment is just one of many tools we’re developing to make the complex simple.

Talk to our team of experts today to discover the best opportunities for you and your students.

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