Recruitment counsellors play a crucial role in advising students on the best options available, and giving the right counsel that can be the difference between a student thriving––or not.

But what happens when a student is onshore and wants to change courses? Previously, assisting students onshore was difficult unless the counsellor had a local office. 

We’re here to even the playing field for the tens of thousands of recruiters globally trying to do their best for students with limited resources. No matter your size, we want you to be able to support your students through every stage of their academic journey.

Expanding support to your students 

Previously available to select recruitment customers, we’re now making Onshore Recruitment available to all customers, no matter what subscription plan you’re on.

This means you can seamlessly process applications for students residing or studying in some of our key study destinations. 

So, for example, a counsellor in Vietnam can now onboard students in the UK remotely, without actually having to open a physical UK branch. This allows counsellors to offer a unique value-add when acquiring new students in your home country––a great differentiator in your local market. We think that’s something to shout about. 

This opens up so much new potential for recruiters who want to grow their business. Counsellors can now not only assist existing students with onshore course and institution changes––they can even recruit new students without ever having to leave the country. 

This opens up so much new potential for recruiters who want to grow their business.

We’re helping you help students 

For students, Onshore Recruitment is a win too. 

Selecting a course and institution can be challenging and for some students, the first choice isn’t the right one. In fact, within their first 60 days, one in six international students either drop out or transfer school. 

If your students find themselves in this position, they can now apply to other institutions without having to find a new counsellor in their study destination. They still gain personalised assistance from you, someone who already understands their situation and needs. 

This means greater trust and peace of mind.

The next step

Onshore Recruitment is currently available in four of our major study destinations––Australia, Canada, and the UK––with more to come soon. 

We want to make your job easier. That’s why Onshore Recruitment is simple and streamlined. Importantly, no additional knowledge is needed. The time to process course changes for onshore students is now significantly cut shorter, as only the institution application is needed. 

We know there are plenty of uncertainties at the moment, but Onshore Recruitment is just one of many tools we’re developing to make the complex simple.

Talk to one of our expert sales team to start counselling your onshore students

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