The Student Portal is a smart new platform feature that gives students the ability to search for courses, upload their documents and update their profile details.

The portal allows students access to manage their own profile, saving recruiters a lot of time on the leg work involved in preparing applications.

The feature is available for counsellors who are on the Growth, Power, or Enterprise plan. It is automatically switched on, but if they prefer to, recruiters can contact us to switch it off.

It’s important to note that students cannot lodge applications with institutions themselves using the Portal. They must come back to their recruiter in order to do this. 

How does the Student Portal work?

The counsellor starts by adding their student’s profile details into the platform. The student will then receive an email with a link to the portal.

From here, the student can access powerful features such as course search and document upload tool—all of which are designed to make the application process as seamless as possible.

What can a student do in the Portal?

  • Course Search—undertake a search for courses the student would like to do and mark favourites
  • Favourites—rank favourite courses and add them to a shortlist
  • Profile—review and update the student profile
  • Documents—upload documents required for the students’ preferred institutions and for the visa applications of the relevant countries
  • Review—review all details of the application and submit all details to the counsellor.

When a student has reached the final step, they will submit it to their counsellor. They don’t have access to lodge their own application to the institutions.

How does this feature help recruiters and students?

The Student Portal changes the way students work together with their recruiter—for the better.

In the past, recruiters spent an extensive amount of time following up and compiling documents from their students. Now, they can stay organised with a lot less effort and do it remotely.

Allowing them to focus their time on more valuable and rewarding things.

At the same time, students get a better overview of courses they’d like to take and can update their own profile information from the comfort of their own home.

Ready to revolutionise your workflow and impress your students? Request a demo today.

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