• Pairing a keen interest in travel and higher education, Lisa has visited university campuses in almost all 50 states.
  • Lisa’s focus at Adventus.io is to strengthen current institutions partner relationships and expand and grow new institutions within her territory. 
  • Lisa understands the importance of universities upholding tradition but is excited to show our institution partners how Adventus.io can help to overcome ongoing challenges.

Originally hailing from NYC, Lisa is now based in the Boston area and currently looks after our institution partners in the southern states of the USA. Her most recent role in the education sector was with Shorelight Education where she gained experience across multiple channels including marketing and partner relationships.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up at Adventus.io? 

I’ve worked in the international education space for a while now, from managing partner and agent relations at Shorelight Education to working with different EdTech providers, globally and nationally. I also had the opportunity to work on campus at SUNY Plattsburgh and Adelphi University — a private school as well as a public university both based in New York. 

My passion for the field really started when I taught English in a high school in Thailand where I also acted as a university counsellor for almost all of my students — it wasn’t officially part of my title but it was something I really enjoyed doing. 

When I was introduced to Adventus.io, I knew it would be a really good fit for me as it’s the best of both worlds — international higher education and the tech space all in one role. 

Working in education in Thailand must have been interesting! Have you always been focused on a career in a global industry?

Yeah, it was really interesting. I got pretty lucky with where I was teaching too — I was in Krabi on the west coast for almost 2 years, not far from Phuket.

Prior to that, when I was studying, I worked at the international office all the way through university, so I learnt about all the different post-study options. Originally I thought I was going to work in fashion — a lot of my internships had been with different designers and global companies, so I was pretty set on wanting to work in an international field. 

I travelled for two years after my university studies and once I returned home from Thailand, I knew I wanted to stay in the realm of higher education to be able to assist international students.

Can you tell us some of the most memorable highlights of your career so far?

During my time in the industry, I’ve been able to visit a university campus in almost all 50 states… but I am missing a few — I haven’t got Hawaii yet, but I’m hoping to get that one on a vacation soon.

The reason I’ve toured so many campuses is to see what they have to offer students. Student success is obviously top of mind with my day to day work life, so being able to see universities first hand gives me a better understanding of what will help a student to find their perfect institution. Once they have the right fit for them, they’re on the path to success.

Having been in the industry for the last 5-6 years, the shift from pre-pandemic operations to present must be pretty fresh in your mind. What are some of the things you’ve identified as challenges in the industry?

The industry is rapidly growing and changing every single day and there seems to be somewhat of a new challenge to overcome as every semester rolls around.

It’s different for schools and for students, but I think the one constant in the industry whether you’ve been in it for 5 years or 20 is that international offices at universities will always be needed to support the students on campus. I think what is really important is that they are the only contact who are dealing directly with the students, in turn, facing the most challenges. 

Having worked in these roles on campus myself, I know what it means to be on the ground running — the team Adventus.io are like helping hands to the universities that we partner with. We’ve been in their shoes and are always here to help.

What’s the most exciting part about working for a tech company that’s disrupting an industry?

Working for Adventus.io is awesome, I’ve been able to speak with so many people — all the internal staff have been a great help and I’ve been learning from their broad expertise. Not only is it great getting to know the team, but all the university representatives too to see what their day to day life is like. 

It’s such a growing industry and it feels really good to be working for a company that is growing too. Adventus.io is keeping student success at top of mind — saying to institutions, “this is how we are going to partner with you, and this is how we can help”.

Connect directly with Lisa on LinkedIn or reach out to our Partnerships team to learn more about how your institution can unlock potential in your student pipeline with the Adventus.io marketplace.

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