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Ready to grow your student recruitment business?

Our recruiters receive 100% commissions, access our 1,300+ institution partners, and get continuous support – all to make student recruitment easier than ever before.


We understand the hurdles in your way

Through our work, we’ve identified some key areas where we can help lighten your load.

Attracting new students in a competitive market can be tiresome.

It takes years of hard work to build a world class portfolio of global institutions

Most aggregators take 20-30% of the recruiters’ commissions.


100% Commission

Any commission an institution pays, is completely yours to keep


1,200+ institutions

USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia & more – the list grows fast


Faster processing

An all-in-one platform greatly increases the eciency of

100% Commisions
Any commission an institution pays, is completely yours to keep
1,200+ institutions
USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia & more – the list grows fast
Faster processing
An all-in-one platform greatly increases the efficiency of processes


Maximize Earnings

We help boost your earnings on top of your 100% commission.


Revenue Calculator

Let’s look at how much more revenue you can make with 100% commissions.


World-class Portfolio

Access over 1,300 institutions in 35+ leading study destinations


Smarter Tools

Maximize conversions & reduce repetitive tasks


Quality Meets Speed

We guarantee turnaround of all applications within 24 hours – the fastest in the industry.

Getting started is easy


Simplify your business is an all-in-one platform that supports you through every step of the recruitment process.

Lead Management

Create, track and convert leads into qualified candidates without the need for an additional CRM or spreadsheets.

Lead Importer

Bring together leads from multiple spreadsheets into one place – from events, walk-ins, Facebook campaigns.

Grading Translation Engine

Simplify counselling by instantly translating academic grades for any country, worldwide.

Task-Driven Processes

Guided processes to effectively counsel students, allow you to hire more efficiently.

Admissions Processing

Focus on attracting more leads, while we take the quality handling of applications off your plate.


Get an in-depth understanding of institutions, destinations and entry requirements, to provide better counselling to your students.


An ever expanding list of destinations

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Malaysia. And that’s just the beginning. Leave the heavy lifting of securing new institution partnerships to us.

With a large inventory of courses, you can be assured your students will be spoilt for choice. The advanced personalisation will help you narrow down the perfect choice.

Give your students a holistic view of their options. The course search gives access to scholarship information for each institution – including exclusive offers.

Our partnerships team works tirelessly to secure agreements with leading and popular institutions that your students will love.

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Your questions answered

1. No one else offers you 100% commission. Others take a significant cut of your earnings. We want to maximise what you can earn.

2. Our platform is simply superior. Built from the ground up to use intelligent technology to make every step of the recruitment process smarter and faster. We don’t take shortcuts and we’re continuously innovating.

Yes. Our platform is seamless enough to enable non-traditional agents to counsel and place students. Such as language testing centres and high schools counselors.

We’re always adding new institutions to the platform for our customers. If you have a particular institution you would like to access, simply let us know through our Helpdesk and we will add it to our priority list of institutions to seek out for partnership.