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Premium Recruiter Application Fee Wavier  – All Destinations

Promotion Period 

Starts 1 August 2021 0:01 SGT, Ends 30 September 2021 11:59 SGT

Eligible Participants 

The Application Fee Waiver is exclusive to Premium Recruiters. 

You are a Premium Recruiter if: 

  • You are a Recruiter on a paid subscription (Growth, Power or Enterprise plans); and 
  • You maintain your paid subscription for the Promotion Period and Lodgement Period. 

You will not be a Premium Recruiter if, at any time during the Promotion Period and Lodgement Period, your subscription account is in arrears. 

Application Fee Waiver – First 1000 student applications

Premium Recruiters are entitled to an Application Fee Waiver where:

  • the Premium Recruiter submits a student application to Adventus during the Promotion Period; and
  • the approved student application is lodged to an Institution Partner during the Promotion Period or by no later than 14 October 2021 at 11:59 SGT (Lodgement Period). 

The Application Fee Waiver:

  • applies to all Institution courses (where an Application Fee is ordinary payable); 
  • is capped at a maximum of 3 applications per student; and 
  • will be paid by Adventus.io on behalf of the Premium Recruiter for the first 1000 student applications (subject to the 3 applications per student cap).

The Application Fee Waiver does not apply to any application fee payable to a Government Authority to process a student application. 


Adventus.io will not be responsible for any delays for matters outside our control, including any delays in approving a student application where that application is incomplete or inaccurate.