Vietnam has emerged as a fast-growing emerging source country for international students.

Universities looking to diversify their international student cohorts and address a possible over-reliance on China should look to Vietnam.

Higher education in Vietnam is grappling with a chronic shortage of qualified faculty amidst a dramatic growth in tertiary student numbers.

According to the World Education News & Reviews (WENR), while the number of students has increased 13 times over two decades, the number of lecturers increased just threefold.

The student to teacher ratio increased from 6:1 to 28:1, meaning each student gets less individual attention.

A lack of quality education domestically has been a major push factor for the Vietnameseto study abroad and families are willing to pay high fees for overseas education.

On average, families spend nearly half (47%) of their household expenditure on schooling alone.

Together this amounts to $3-4 billion spent studying abroad annually.

According to UNESCO, the top destination markets for Vietnamese students include:

  • Japan
  • USA
  • Australia
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