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London South Bank University [Terms & Conditions]

Promotion Period

All student enrollments for the September 2024 intake qualify for this promotion.

Eligible Participants

To be eligible to participate in this promotion you must:
  • Be subscribed to the Adventus.io Platform as a recruiter;
  • Retain your subscription plan (starter, growth, power or enterprise plan) during the Promotion Period and the Payment Period; and
  • Recruit students from the Territory.


Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand & Myanmar

Payment Period

TIn the month following confirmation of the student enrolment and payment received from the Institution Partner.

Recruiter Bonus:

An Eligible Participant is entitled to the following bonus:
No. of students Bonus/student Cumulative Bonus
1st student $100 USD $100 USD
2nd student $150 USD $250 USD
From 3rd student & onwards $200 USD $450 USD
For example: Cumulative Bonus for 5 students = $100 (1st student) + $150 (2nd student) + $200 x3 (next 3 students) = $850 USD
If they:
  • successfully submit a complete and accurate Student Application using the Adventus.io Platform directly to London South Bank University;
  • the Student is from the Territory; and
  • the Student successfully enrols within the September 2024 intake period.


An Eligible Participant will be disqualified from this promotion where incomplete or ineligible Student Applications lodged to the Adventus.io Platform results in 10% or more rejection rate.


Adventus.io will not be responsible for any delays for matters outside our control, including any delays:
  • in lodging the Student Application where the application is incomplete or inaccurate;
  • in processing times by the Institution Partners;
  • in you providing the required information to Adventus; and
  • on-hold or closed programs from the institution during the promotion period.

Right to Vary

Adventus has the right to change the policy without any prior notice.


Capitalised terms, which are not defined in these promotion terms and conditions, have the meaning set out in the Recruiter terms and conditions:https://adventus.io/recruiter-terms