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Terms and conditions: North America Bonus Promotion 2021
Effective: 23-Mar-2021


Starts 1 April 2021 0:01AM SGT, Ends 30 April 2021 11:59 SGT.


The promotion is open to Recruiters on Growth, Power, and Enterprise subscription plans. Recruiters must be on these plans until their earnings are paid to them. Recruiter’s subscription should be paid up to date, and no accounts should be in arrears.


The promotion applies to applications submitted to Institutions located in the USA and Canada. For every five (5) applicants who submit/s at least one application to a US or Canadian institution, Adventus.io will pay the Recruiter USD 100.


In order to process an Application, Adventus may require a Recruiter or a Student to pay any Application Fee prior to the application is processed. You acknowledge that the Application Fees are payable to the relevant Institution Partner or Government Authority to process an application. Adventus may help you facilitate the payment to the Institution.


Adventus.io will require the company’s banking details to make the North America bonus promotional payment to the Recruiters. The following process will need to be followed to ensure the payment can be processed:
  1. Download the Banking Details Request Form.
  2. Print the Banking Details Request Form on company letterhead, provide all the requested banking details, sign and stamp with company seal. 
  3. Provide a copy of the bank statement header showing the banking details provided.
  4. Email the two documents to NthAmericaBonus@adventus.io by 30 April 2021.
Bonuses will be paid in the period commencing 14 May 2021 to 21 May 2021. Recruiters not providing their banking details by 30 April 2021 will forfeit the North America Bonus.
Adventus.io will not be responsible for delays in payment due to incorrect banking details provided or delays in the banking systems.
Recruiters are advised that tax implications may arise from receiving the promotional bonus and they should seek independent financial advice. Adventus.io accepts no responsibility for any tax implications that may arise from Recruiters receiving the promotional bonus.