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Terms and Conditions

Recruiter Referral Bonus – Nigeria

Promotion Period 

Starts 10 February 2023 0:01 SGT, Ends 10 March 2023 11:59 SGT

Eligible Participants

To be eligible to participate in this promotion:

  • You must have received a communication from Adventus.io personally inviting you to participate;

  • You must be the Recruiter named in that communication from Adventus.io; 

  • You must maintain your subscription with the Adventus Platform for the Promotion Period.

The invitation e-mail cannot be forwarded to other recruiters for use.

Referral Bonus

An Eligible Participant is entitled to USD 100 (Referral Bonus) if:

  • You introduce a new Recruiter to our Adventus Platform via email to olusholalawal@adventus.io (New Recruiter);

  • The New Recruiter subscribes to the Adventus Platform on any subscription plan during the Promotion Period after you have notified us; and 

  • The New Recruiter successfully submits a Student Application using the Adventus.io Platform and the Student receives an offer to study from an Institution Partner. 


  • The New Recruiter must not have previously subscribed to the Adventus Platform prior to the promotion period. 

  • You must identify the New Recruiter you have recommended to Adventus. If two Recruiters name the same New Recruiter, the party named by the New Recruiter is entitled to the Referral Bonus. 

  • You are only entitled to one Referral Bonus per New Recruiter (provided they submit a Student Application using the Adventus Platform and the Student received an offer to study from an Institution Partner). 

  • The offer to study must be received by quarter 2, 2023. 

Payment Period

The month following the receipt of the offer to study. 


Adventus.io will not be responsible for any delays for matters outside our control, including any delays:

  • in lodging the Student Application where the application is incomplete or inaccurate; 

  • in processing times by the Institution Partners; and 

  • in providing the required information to Adventus. 

Capitalised terms, which are not defined in these promotion terms and conditions, have the meaning set out in the Recruiter terms and conditions: https://adventus.io/recruiter-terms