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Terms and Conditions

Starter Commission Uplift to 85%

Promotion Period 

Starts 1 January 2022 0:01 SGT, Ends 31 March 2022 11:59 SGT

Eligible Participants 

The Commission Bonus is exclusive to Starter Recruiters. 

You are a Starter Recruiter if: 

  • You are a recruiter on a Starter subscription; and 
  • You maintain your Starter subscription for the Promotion Period and the Payment Period. 

Commission Bonus

The Commission Bonus entitles Starter Recruiters to an 85% commission payment (up from 70%) where:

  • the Starter Recruiter submits a student application to Adventus during the Promotion Period;
  • the approved student application is lodged to an institution during the Promotion Period or by no later than 14 April 2022 at 11:59 SGT; 
  • the student is successfully enrolled with that institution; and
  • the student’s enrolment meets the terms for commission payment as per our Recruiter Terms and Conditions: https://adventus.io/recruiter-terms

Payment Period

Starter Recruiters will be paid the Commission Bonus in accordance with our Recruiter Terms and Conditions: https://adventus.io/recruiter-terms


Adventus.io will not be responsible for any delays for matters outside our control, including: 

  • any delay in payment due to incorrect banking details being provided; 
  • any delay in the banking systems; and 
  • any delays in approving a student application where that application is incomplete or inaccurate.