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  1. Access to diversified portfolio after the pandemic
  2. Matched students with the right courses at the right institutions
  3. webinars helped counsellors stay updated with the latest information


Diversifying their institutions portfolio 

Rihan Ahamed, Business Development Manager & Student Recruitment at Destiny Education Solution, believes in changing students’ lives by helping them to achieve their dreams. After operating in the Australian market for 11 years, when the pandemic hit in March 2020, they realised the need to diversify their portfolio with new destinations to support their students. Students across Sri Lanka come to Destiny Education Solution because of their reputation. They don’t give false promises and charge even a single penny until the student receives their visa outcome. 


Guiding students with the support of

Since partnering with, Destiny Education has provided students with more opportunities than they ever imagined. Now, counsellors are able to assist students who may not meet the requirements for admission to institutions in Australia by guiding them towards study options in destinations that are more suitable for their profiles and needs.

Rihan says, “Before Adventus came into play, options were not available to cater the student’s needs and wants. Now we have many options which has helped us double the number of students. We provide a customised service for each and every student, till they get the visa.”


Helping recruiters with local support 

Since partnering with, Destiny Education Solution have seen their student placements double. Their team delivers higher quality service and diverse study abroad options with the help platform features, such as Quick Uni Finder, which helps them get the right course for the student’s profile and preference.

In addition to the support from’s local team, helps Destiny’s counsellors stay up to date with the latest information. 

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